Dynamics and Business Development with Nick Spallitta

Dynamics and Business Development with Nick Spallitta

Nick Spallitta
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Background and career journey 
  • Background and plans of Paritta Group 
  • Getting sales and marketing rhythms in place 
  • Defining ideal customer profile 
  • Most effective ways for people to find your products and services 
  • Targeting customers and focusing within a geography 
  • Niching in AI (Augmented Intelligence) 
  • The toughest thing about starting a new practice and how capital/cash flow affects decision making 
  • Finding and attracting the right talent, contractors vs FTEs and US employment laws 
  • Measuring progress and success and setting the vision and culture for the company 
  • Top recommendations for revenue generation 
  • Key advantages to partnering with Microsoft 
  • Competing against Salesforce and another Microsoft partner 
  • Major wins  
  • The biggest risk taken in business 


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Nick SpallittaProfile Photo

Nick Spallitta

Nick Spallitta works with and builds great teams that are hyper-focused on growth and the success of their customers. His background and experience in consulting and sales leadership enable him to help teams solve complex business problems within marketing, sales, service, and human resource groups in many people-centric industries.

Nick is passionate about helping people navigate issues related to large global digital initiatives involving organizational change management, process design, customer engagement, sales transformation, data and Augmented Intelligence (AI).

Nick believes that technology should be simplifying our lives and giving us valuable time back in our days. It should make it easier for customers to learn more about, buy, and procure your products and/or services. Too many people allow technology or related initiatives to over-complicate their lives and waste their time.