Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence with Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg

Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence with Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg

Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg


  • An introduction about Abed Asi and Olga Goldenbergand what they are passionate about  
  • Abed and Olga talks about their journey into Microsoft and how they ended up working for it 
  • What is Azure Data Explorer? 
  • A discussion with Abed and Olga about Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence; what is it and where does it light up in the software? 
  • What are the features, languages supported, license requirements and the security of Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence?  
  • Abed and Olga shares how Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence help 
  • A conversation about Abed and Olga’s recommendations when it comes to using Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence 
  • Find out more about the benefits of using Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence. 
  • Learn how to set up  Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence and the specific steps involved. 

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Abed Asi Profile Photo

Abed Asi

Abed Asi is a Principal Applied Researcher in Dynamics for Sales group at Microsoft. He has been infusing AI capabilities into Microsoft products across Office, Azure & Dynamics throughout the last 6+ years. Abed has a PhD in Computer Science and he is very passionate about helping customers in evolving their businesses with state-of-the-art science.”

Olga Goldenberg Profile Photo

Olga Goldenberg

Olga Goldenberg is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, focused on conversation intelligence and sales productivity. With over a decade of experience in product management, she has worked on diverse software products across different domains. She is passionate about designing and building products that impact and delight users.