Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence with Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg

Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence with Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg

Abed Asi and Olga Goldenberg


  • An introduction about Abed Asi and Olga Goldenbergand what they are passionate about  
  • Abed and Olga talks about their journey into Microsoft and how they ended up working for it 
  • What is Azure Data Explorer? 
  • A discussion with Abed and Olga about Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence; what is it and where does it light up in the software? 
  • What are the features, languages supported, license requirements and the security of Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence?  
  • Abed and Olga shares how Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence help 
  • A conversation about Abed and Olga’s recommendations when it comes to using Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence 
  • Find out more about the benefits of using Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence. 
  • Learn how to set up  Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence and the specific steps involved. 

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Olga GoldenbergProfile Photo

Olga Goldenberg

Olga Goldenberg is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, focused on conversation intelligence and sales productivity. With over a decade of experience in product management, she has worked on diverse software products across different domains. She is passionate about designing and building products that impact and delight users.

Abed AsiProfile Photo

Abed Asi

Abed Asi is a Principal Applied Researcher in Dynamics for Sales group at Microsoft. He has been infusing AI capabilities into Microsoft products across Office, Azure & Dynamics throughout the last 6+ years. Abed has a PhD in Computer Science and he is very passionate about helping customers in evolving their businesses with state-of-the-art science.”