Dynamics 365 Administrator at Ford with Clarissa Simpson

Dynamics 365 Administrator at Ford with Clarissa Simpson

Clarissa Simpson


  • Dynamics 365 Administrator at Ford
  • Day in a life of a Dynamics Administrator
  • The roles and responsibilities and culture on a Dynamics 365 team
  • Vendor and Partner engagement
  • How to motivate a team
  • Microsoft as a vendor
  • Working with Microsoft Partners
  • Hallmarks of an outstanding Microsoft Partner
  • Dynamics 365 Community
  • Addressing gender balance in the Dynamics 365 community

Books Mentioned


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Clarissa SimpsonProfile Photo

Clarissa Simpson

Clarissa Simpson is a Dynamics 365 Professional & Microsoft MVP with broad experience in many disciplines of business and technology management. Experienced, creative and driven professional, executive, leader and strategist.

Clarissa is proficient in Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Dynamics CRM, business communications, operational management, project management, program management. She successfully engages with colleagues, vendors, and teams, with a strong ability to navigate complex challenges.

She is a well-rounded, seasoned CRM consultant and business professional, offering a wealth of experiential knowledge while balancing that with the wisdom to know what to do with it. Many people have Big Ideas – it is the execution that matters, and she does execution. She runs toward the fires while remaining the calm one. She values new professional acquaintances in the CRM arena; reach out to her if you want to talk CRM technology or Oklahoma Sooner Football.

Clarisse’s Specialties: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, System Governance, CRM System Best Practices, Operational management, Social Media, CRM for Call Centers, CRM & IoT, Big Data, Social Media, Chat, International Trade Compliance, CRM for Manufacturing, Automotive CRM.