Dr. S. Gomathi on The MVP Show

Dr. S. Gomathi on The MVP Show

Dr. S. Gomathi
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Dr. S. Gomathi shares how she first became interested in technology and how it has evolved over time. 
  • Learn about Dr. S. Gomathi's journey into the world of technology and what motivates her passion for teaching. 
  • Gomathi shares how education has opened doors for her and allowed her to pursue her passions. 
  • Throughout her career, Gomathi has been committed to giving back to her community and helping others. 
  • Dr. S. Gomathi discusses her approach to teaching and sharing knowledge. She emphasizes the importance of simplifying complex concepts and using visual aids to help people understand difficult topics. 
  • Learn the importance of lifelong learning. Dr. S. Gomathi emphasizes the need for continuous education, even after completing a formal degree. She encourages listeners to pursue their passions and explore new topics, whether through self-directed study or formal coursework. 
  • This podcast provides insight into the world of technology and education. Dr. S. Gomathi discusses her experiences with various software tools and platforms, as well as her work with Google for Education. 
  • This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and education. 

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Thanks for listening 🚀 - Mark Smith


[mark_smith]: Today's guest is from India. She works as the head of learning and development at technologies. She was first to order V P and twenty twenty two. This is amazing. She has more than eleven years of experience as a trainer and professor in both academic and industry and how's this? Over thirty articles. Close to forty articles published, as well as author three books. You can find links to her bio and socials et cetera in the show. Notes for this episode Welcome to the show Dr. Gomathi.

[dr__gomathi]: Thank you, Mark. thank you for the brief introduction.

[mark_smith]: Thank you for coming on the show. First of all, India is a big place. Tell me about where you live in India. Tell us a bit about your family what the best food in your region is to eat. And what do you do when you're not working?

[dr__gomathi]: Okay, So I am from India. I'm from Clime I'm currently living in came, I have. between gits, my husband is working as financial analyst, and yes, this is what a small family were. So the mytwants, both our boys. So they're very noddy and actually they are the thriving Boston energy for me, Because you know we have to be with them always, and we don't know exactly like time. We can sleep Always. I'll be in a. I'll be finding the time to learn read. dedicate something to the community. So this is how it goes, and Yes, here, as you ask like, here is the favorite potistthose in Italy, Because it's so completely South India, and I like it very much. That's how it goes, and my husband is a big moral support for my carrier, my achivemants and everything, because of course, instead like He is not supporting, I cannot do anything more, and also my mother and a father in law, they are also with me, so they will be taking care if I am in any animating, so they'll take care of my kids as well. So they are also, and of course like, even in my I'm so blessed, you know, like both in official, and also on the personal, I have a lot and a lot of people to support me and just always push me up to do something. So that is how it goes.

[mark_smith]: So good. so good. Now you're a microsoft certified trainer as well. Is that right?

[dr__gomathi]: yes

[mark_smith]: So how? tell me what was your journey into technology? How did it all start for you? Why did you choose a career that evolved around technology and not something else?

[dr__gomathi]: So initially like Li to teach. Okay teaching is my passion. I found hat when I was in M. S. when I was doing my Ms, so I started looking towards. I thought like Okay, only professor. Like only teachers or professors can teach. During that time I don't know like bout trainers or who can trying the technical because I'm from very village from village I was at. So that is how it goes, and I started my career as a professor and I was very To know something, because you know I like in college. Now there'll be implementing some new technology and new concepts, new units every every year, so there'll be implementing something so we have to always learn something new. So my husband was supposed to transfer like he got a transfer to Channel. That time I was searching for like in college, but I got a job as a trainer and a company like Histories Global Services in Channel, so that time only I came to know. Okay, We have also Trying to is also to teach something, so that I started to learn how to, and all the technology is like. It's a. It's a lie. I cannot as trying to. I cannot just switch on to a single technology, so I have to learn lot and lot of things What I was coming up. I have to be very updated, so I started completely into data analytic. Meanwhile I was doing Psgaswellwhen, I was in Eshdzmso. I thought like we can implement that we actually like I was doing a As functional like medicine. I was trying to predict a systemic lupetmetosis disease through my mission learning concept, so I thought of Okay, We can implement back data also in my Pggyandwe. Can also implement mission learning in my posy, and started working around it, and it was very awesome, so I was addicted to that particular technology, so that is how it goes, And when I come back here again, we were supposed to come back to crimwithou, So I was even mine As a mother. Know, I have to also look a look into my kids because it's twins right, So I wanted to learn and also I want to take care. So what I do night time I will learn and morning I'll take care of them. So this is how it goes, and I got position in atnotechknowlogies. They are. as they do, They are very flexible. The ell you that like like, They give us flexible timing whenever we want. we gan work, but we have to finish all these work whatever is assigned to how it goes, So they also pushed up How I can, how I can improve my technical knowledge, and how I can be very, very unique in every wherever I go. So that's how it goes, and I was just like I got my M. C. T during twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty one. Sorry when twenty one. So that time I came to know about M P, so I was searching about it, but I came to know that M P is not as easy as M. Ctmctis, so not easy or any at. it's now As S. so we have to dedicate, we have to contribute. We have to be a part of all these things. So speaking in a conference or speaking in front of two hundred or three hundred audience, S not a big dead for me, but speaking about the technology, you know it. So I thought of learning law, and I just I just edicated most of my time and learning something new, and I have learned and finally started to contributing more things. And I think so that is how the journey off, Professor, and once got Bpsjumnsi, became a doctor. You know, I immediately joined an idea company, Because Yeah, so that is how it goes, and I started to implement formation, earning data and Ike all these stuff into whatever the projects which I can do it. So that is how I transformed from a professor to technical trying. Now I'm heading Learning and development team technologies,

[mark_smith]: So you've talked about big data there, a bit, and machine learning and stuff, And of course you know a real theme for me personally. This year is around artificial intelligence and a I. If if you could look for twenty years from now, where do you think we will be from? A? How much will artificial intelligence be part of our everyday life?

[dr__gomathi]: Of course, even I think now even forty percentage of life is completely into artificial intelligence and mission learning. know Engle unknowingly in terms of like personage, I can tell you like we'll be into sixtyfitosoventy Percentage of artificial intelligence will be in our part of life. Even now you know everywhere. Even in aubiliage, I can see they are using mobile phones. They are using a data card. They are using Googleaps. They started to understand how it really works, So of course it will be around sixtified to some personage, as they analyse, I can tell, But sure, because because everything is based on the thing data and it's everyone are aware of what is happening and what they wanted to learn and how they want to become. So I think yea, it will be. It will start dominating by twenty went years later. Now.

[mark_smith]: And what was so? you've become an N V P. last year. Tell me, what was that journey for you? What you know? How did you get nominated? What was the process? What era do you specialize in when it comes to you know? inside, you're obviously in business applications. and that's a big area. There's about thirty different items of software in there. Where do you specialize? What's your course strength in the In Dynamics, or is it Power platform,

[dr__gomathi]: Yeah, it's really a great question. Actually, you know, when I was searching for, I came to know that some like, while understanding about what is map, I came to know that someone has to nominate me. Okay, so I don't know that we can directly post our achievements and we can get nominated. Now someone has to nominate, so I started looking for rats emmapies in Linkokay, So that is how it goes like I been asking Like how to become. What is the procedure and what the Contributions which I have to do. So my friend, who was in outside, I think he's in Pony can mention, his name is a sign. Is world okay, So he told me that these are all the thing which you have to do. So you have to contribute. You have to first choose your specialist specialized technology. You have to contribute something to that. You should be a part of any community community gathering community. To actual, you can provide something, and you should write some blocks to The real time solutions. So this is, this is a long process and it should be a one year of process. Okay, So this is how he explained me. So you have to contribute at least for one year, and though I can nominate you, I cannot promise you that definitely you will get. you will be awarded. So it's all about how you contribute. So I started searching about many technologies. You know for power way, there are enormous specialists who are there. So they are. They're already written many things about. I was wondering because probably is my spspecialized topic like Dat analytics. so I was very depresedyou're. not directly to say, because even anyhow, if I talk about probably the same thing I have to talk anyhow. everyone has posted many things, So I was. I was searching for power Abs, but even for power Ob, many people, so I was searching for all the technologies, but I know my ideas about business applications. so I was searching for many things, and finally I came to know when I started learning about mission. Sorry, business analytic. Okay, So when I started learning about this dynamic business, Central Dynamic Three, Ixtified, I was really very struggling to search for the trutorials. The trutorials are there from Mirosoftyou. Now, Anyhow the explain the trotorias like a video. Something was really missing. I struggled very much to learn so I thought okay, then let us go with dynamics, because let us Learn. Let us teach to, because that is my passion right, so I have to read something which is really not there. So I saw, even though in my cross dynamics there are few people who are explaining, but all are from us or Uka or something, and I know that in India, a few people cannot understand that long, so I thought of Okay, let us do this video and let us dedicate ourselves for this microsoof dynamics. So I started learning and started putting video And laws and everything, and I got a good reach on that as well, and from signs that I have contributed this much. so please nominate me. So if he first validated all my contribution and he said, Okay, I nominate, but I cannot assure you, surely get it based on the final decision Will be from the The design may be head. Okay, he nominated me, and finally, by gods I got. But it's completely about our contribution, A day Cation, and some uniqueness should be there, so we cannot follow the same thing which already told by someone. So we have to show our uniqueness in order to become Mab.

[mark_smith]: I like it. What are you? What's what's your focus for this year? As in your career and your personal learning. What new things are you learning this year?

[dr__gomathi]: Okay this year I started learning a Sure, Sue. completely sure, mission learning. I, sure, I wanted to understand the concept of issue, like how really it works. Okay, So this is my idea about. I have to complete the sure certifications within this year. I have to complete a ion learning this year, So always every year I will just put little list of thetis, a bucket list, What I should complete within this year. So the last year bucket list was to become a B, which was the first one if you want, And are my list to you later through your mama. Okay, so this year this is what I have to. At least I have to become an intermediate level and assure I have to teach something on our show as well, and even in dynamics, Many re asking for functional consult and to become a so So far I've been just posting on Technical consultant. So many are asking. Please teach us functional as well, so that we ll get some idea about it. So I am just having that in our mind. Okay, So this is what this year goal As official one. So official Goa. Like, What are the things which I have to learn and I have to dedicate something with a project to automat something, and to implement mission learning through a sale, and also in power. So that is the one level of bucket list which I have, and in terms of personal, so I should take my kids to min places, at least two to free Places. I have to show them like how those people are doing and how they have to. They should learn something new in every every month. So that is my next level of packet list.

[mark_smith]: nice. It's very, very good. I'm impressed how you know in the contributions that you made and what you published. Are you publishing them in in as not in English, but in India, or something like that? Are you making? Because when you said that you know all the American and the year, and and you know from the U. K, they're slang and stuff. it's hard to understand for some people. Are you you know doing it in a local language Show more Or people can pick it up. That. Will you now understand it quicker, because it's not in English as an example.

[dr__gomathi]: Yeah, so I am not very much good in him. Okay, so even in some few words you know like exactly if we are transferring business to me, it will be a different word that everyone cannot call. so it will be in a very simple English, like how everyone can understand, and it will be like a very picture, Al, and step by step representation like step on what they have to do, step to what they have to do, and how really it will works. What are the things which they should not do? It will lead to Er, or it will not show a proper output. So it is not like our language, Omer language, but they can easily understand, so that's how it will be, so I'm not telling that us land, Can't we understand? But few people you know like from a village or someone who is coming from where it complicated. They're getting difficulties in understanding that. So that's how it goes. Okay, so that is also in my plan that I have to also teach them in Tum, So I have started pobainum teach, and that that in Youtubebut, you know, in the log, I cannot exactly translate a few words well, translating which meaning will change from English to Thame, So that is why I'm just a little worried to exactly translating English. O. So it's also in my mind I'll do that.

[mark_smith]: That's that's so good. that's so good. Tell me about your you tubes. What you're doing on you tube because you've got well over four thousand people. Follow on you tube. Tell me a bit about you. your journey there?

[dr__gomathi]: Yeah, so YouTube I have, this is not a specific technology based out. for example, few will be boasting only about a specific technology, So this is a generic one because since I, ve my research I, I struggled in my peaty, not through my supervisor. She's very good, my supervisor she is, and so she is very good. She always supports me. as I told. I'm blessed everywhere, like my personal official. Everywhere but you know, while understanding few things, Why Learning well, I really struggled much. so whatever I struggled, whatever I learned in research, so I'll be posting that to the people who are doing patly are scholars who are students. So that is one type of play list which will always every week that will be up, dated, and second play list will be based on the technology, like as I told, Dynamic Three sixty five, Business Central Power, be able and research Oriental tools, data mining tools like, and I'm statistical tools. So These tools I'll be posting. And if they are a professor, because I was professor, So if that, if they are professors, though, what are the types of flip the learning, or some interactive learning they can do for the students? So what are the websites which are the So, Because I'm also a Google certified Trying, That is Google For Education certified Rind. So through that I will come to almost many technology and many websiteswih. Uh, the educators from world wide are using. So whatever I know, I'll just tell them. tell the professors like these are all the websites where they can use it for their student order to make the class interact. Uh, so that will also be there and Python. So whatever I have in mind, whatever, I can share my knowledge with everyone, so all these things will be posted there.

[mark_smith]: It's so good. It's so good to see that you know it's not just focused on one thing, but there's a lot of things that obviously take your interest and there's a lot of content. I see. There's even content for kids up there to help them as well. And yeah, so really well done. It's been a pleasure having you on the show. Drgamarti. thank you, and I look forward to maybe seeing you one of the conferences in the future with Microsoft.

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Dr. S. Gomathi

To the world, you may be just a TEACHER, but to your students, you are a HERO.

Dr. S. Gomathi is a Senior Technical Lead, Training and Development at ATNA Technologies Pvt, Ltd. and has worked as an assistant professor, technical trainer for the past eight years, and researcher since 2010. She is a Google for Education Certified trainer, certified Publons academy peer reviewer, IEEE member, a fellow member of Scholars Academic and Scientific Society, a freelancer, e-tutor, a reviewer in a SCOPUS-indexed journal, a reviewer in two international journals, editor in two international journals and professional member in many renowned organizations. She is an Asia Book of Record & Indian Book of Record holder and received various awards as “Young Scientist,” “Women Scientist,” “Young researcher,” “Pride of nation Pratibha Samman award 2020”, and so on from various renowned organizations. She has a keen interest in Big data, business analytics, data mining, machine learning, data analytics, data science, IoT, and Cybersecurity.

Dr. S. Gomathi has published various research papers in SCOPUS indexed journals, International UGC care journals, and International Conferences. She has been a committee member of various International Conferences held in different states in India. She has authored three books. She has five National patents and five international patents. She has working experience in the latest technologies like Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Hadoop, Apache Flume, Solr, and data analytics tools like Weka, Python and Rattle. She has good experience in ETL and reporting tools like Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, Microstrategy SSIS, and SSRS.