Dr Ludwig Reinhard on The MVP Show

Dr Ludwig Reinhard on The MVP Show

Dr Ludwig Reinhard
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Life and career background of Dr Ludwig Reinhard  
  • Ludwig’s MVP skills and the area of technology he is focused on  
  • The best thing about becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • Ludwig’s original journey into Dynamics  
  • The comparison between Finance and Operational applications in the market  
  • Discussions on Dynamics 365 finance or operations being connected to SAP
  • Ludwig’s Microsoft MVP contributions to the community  
  • Specific tools or technology he uses   
  • How Ludwig handles difficult questions in a forum  
  • Ludwig’s thoughts about the COVID-19 crisis and the effects on the community  
  • What Ludwig thinks will help improve or create a connection for the environment   
  • Things Ludwig does to relax and to get away from the tools or job during this time  
  • What Ludwig does to become productive  
  • Ludwig as the author of the books

Dynamics AX Project Accounting & Controlling (Part 1)
Dynamics 365 Project Accounting & Controlling (Part 2)
Special Finance Applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Dr Ludwig ReinhardProfile Photo

Dr Ludwig Reinhard

Dr Ludwig Reinhard is a Dynamics 365FO/AX solution architect living in Germany. His specialization is in the finance and accounting area. A bachelor’s degree holder in Business Administration, an MBA and a PhD in Finance. In addition to that, Ludwig is a Microsoft MVP for business applications since 2017.