Douglas Romao on The MVP Show

Douglas Romao on The MVP Show

Douglas Romao
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about the life background and hobbies of Douglas Romao 
  • Douglas Romao as the author of App de Despeasa 
  • Talks about Brazil – good food and the best place to visit 
  • A conversation about Douglas Romao’s career background  
  • As the Co-founder of Trentim - background and what they do 
  • How Douglas works with customers and what services they offer 
  • Discussion on how they handle Sales and Marketing  
  • How do they connect with international clients? 
  • The number of companies in Brazil using Microsoft technologies 
  • Talks about Douglas’ YouTube channel and what was the journey like 
  • The outcome of the work Douglas had done on YouTube 

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Douglas Romao

Douglas Romao has been working with software development for more than 14 years, developing solutions for all kinds and sizes of companies and projects mainly integrating collaborative technologies for companies around the globe. Also, he leads the tech community in Brazil related to SharePoint and Power Platform, where he works closely with the community to develop meetups, webinars and online content.