Dilyana Radulova on The MVP Show

Dilyana Radulova on The MVP Show

Dilyana Radulova
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A short introduction about Dilyana Radulova – life background and origin story. 
  • Dilyana talks about her interests and hobbies. 
  • Talks about Dilyana’s Microsoft journey – how and where it started. 
  • A discussion about Dilyana’s involvement in the Saturday Power Platform event 
  • Dilyana’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • The benefits and impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP! 
  • The process you need to take to become a Microsoft MVP 

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Dilyana Radulova

Dilyana Radulova (but everybody usually calls her DD) got her first Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) award in the year 2021, which she is so proud of. She feels so lucky with all the friends she has made within the community as part of that journey. (UN)-fortunately, she has now had to give up her MVP because she recently started a position as a technical specialist with Microsoft in the Healthcare vertical.

Her favourite Microsoft product is D365 Marketing, which she has been blogging, posting, and talking about on social media for the last 2 to 3 years now. Dilyana loves getting involved with the Microsoft community and speaks at a lot of events and tries to help people at different forums whenever she can.

After work, you can find her in the Taekwondo gym. She has had a black belt for the past 14 years. Her favourite kick is a high section reverse hook kick and her favourite colour is blue (sometimes purple). That’s Dilyana in a nutshell! So, if you want to share your love for #Taekwondo, #D365Marketing and want to do a joint event together just have a chat or give her a shout! 😊