Demian Raschkovan on the MVP Show

Demian Raschkovan on the MVP Show

Demian Raschkovan
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Demian’s background – his family & moving from Argentina to Madrid, Spain   
  • Spain as a great place to live  
  • Becoming an MVP for seven years  
  • Demian’s area of specialization, skills and technical background 
  • AXAZURE – how it started and the hardest point in starting his own Business  
  • Upcoming events happening in the CRM community  
  • Demian’s plan; Community wise and Business-wise 
  • Discusses creating a workflow in GitHub  
  • Introduction to his CRM Spanish blogs and forums  
  • Demian’s thoughts on Microsoft’s Power Platform; Flow PowerApps and Power BI

Resources Mentioned  

Demian Adolfo Raschkovan  – Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP
Demian Adolfo Raschkovan's Company – AXAZURE 

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Demian Raschkovan

Demian Raschkovan is a Technical consultant with extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft technologies. He is passionate about CRM and all the possibilities that Microsoft Dynamics delivers. He has a CRM Spanish blog and collaborates in other blogs and forums in Spanish and Microsoft Spanish CRM Forum.

He worked in more than 150 CRM implementations in different positions; as a developer, project leader, trainer, architect, sales and presales and in various industries namely banking, construction, telecommunications, engineers, services, retail, public sector, etc. Also, he worked on some international projects in Europe.

Demian leads the open-source project called Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools, which has 100+ features for workflows in GitHub. He was a speaker in conferences and presented sessions on Microsoft Convergence, extreme365, Directions EMEA and organised the 365 Saturday 2017 in Madrid.