Deepesh Somani on MVP Show

Deepesh Somani on MVP Show

Deepesh Somani
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Personal and professional background — working in India and now in Singapore for PowerObjects and working in different roles 
  • Journey to becoming business applications professional 
  • Process and journey in writing a technical book 
  • Challenges in writing a technical book, investments in time and ROI, working with publishers and self-publishing 
  • Future plans – podcasting, pivoting to Power platform, custom machine learning scenario, etc. 
  • Path to becoming a Microsoft MVP, disadvantages, downsides, etc.

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Deepesh Somani

Deepesh Somani is a Senior Architect at PowerObjects. He’s the author of bestselling books Mastering Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365 Application Development from Packt, and a Technical Author on Dynamics CRM ( with 300000+ hits across 180 countries worldwide and 650+ followers on Twitter and Email. His blog was awarded Top 100 CRM blogs on the planet by Feedspot in 2017.

Deepesh has handled Fortune 500 and other big clients across the globe. He has contributed to design documentation, effort estimation, defining and preparing the scope, and Solution/Technology guidance for the Pre-Sales and engineering teams. He builds customer and stakeholder confidence by providing simple and efficient design using Dynamics CRM and Microsoft stack of technologies. He also conducts training and CRM boot camps for pre-sales and end-user training.

14 Free tools on Dynamics CRM for the community (7000+ downloads).
Past experience: Senior Analyst – CRM for SanDisk, Microsoft as a CRM Technical Consultant.
Experienced in Consulting, Development and IT Teams.
Sectors: Telecommunication, Financial Services, Banking, Health Care, Oil and Natural Gas, Retail, Public Sector
Functional Areas: Pre-Sales, Design review, End-user training, Technical Assistance