Deepak Shrivastava on The MVP Show

Deepak Shrivastava on The MVP Show

Deepak Shrivastava
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Deepak Shrivastava talks about Life and living in Houston 
  • What Deepak does when he is not working – fun, entertainment and hobbies 
  • Find out more about Deepak’s journey into technology 
  • Talks about Deepak’s involvement with Microsoft 
  • Deepak’s focus right now when it comes to Power Platform and what interests him the most. 
  • A conversation about how Deepak started YouTubing and what he learned along the way. 
  • What tools Deepak is using in YouTubing? 
  • Listen to Deepak’s advice to people wanting to become Microsoft MVP. 
  • Deepak’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP 

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[mark]: today's guest is from houston texas in the united states he works for earnest on young as a senior manager he was first awarded his n v p and twenty twenty he is the leader of the houston power play for us group and the power automat community super star he loves traveling exploring new places and meeting people from different cultures you can find all the links to his bio linked in blog those type of thing and the show notes welcome with the show de pack

[deepak_shrivastava]: thank you mark and thank you for having me here do you introduce me much more better that i can introduce myself so thank you for that

[mark]: is that's so good that's so good how do you love living in houston

[deepak_shrivastava]: so yeah so i i came us back in twenty eleven so i live in multiple places i live in chicago then i moved to l a and then temporary i live in temper and then i moved to houston around i think twenty thirteen or twenty fourteen oh

[mark]: so is this your favorite city of all the ones you've lived in

[deepak_shrivastava]: i don't want to hurt anyone in texas but now i still love chicago better than any place maybe that's

[mark]: nice

[deepak_shrivastava]: the place i win first time or i like colder weather that and you can things like that here

[mark]: yeah and from memory i mean i haven't been houston for as over probably over ten years now but there's a whole underground network isn't there that joins the city

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes

[mark]: you can tunnels

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes

[mark]: underground right

[deepak_shrivastava]: yeah so i always say that houston is right place to live because you can live here you don't need to spend a lot of money so you can save that's good thing and then you can travel different places for example if i live in new york and i may not be saving much money because i'm already spending the living cost is much higher so houston is a good place for family raise your family live here reader good education good food i love full hair different culture food you can get it in euston very nice though

[mark]: excellent excellent so tell me a bit about what you do when you're not working what do you do for fun entertainment hobbies that type of thing when you are not doing power platform related stuff

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes so after my work or you can step up from ortechnalozi my next level may be my first love is cricket so i play or kid that

[mark]: true indian

[deepak_shrivastava]: i mean i couldn't i couldn't play a professional cricket but i like a lot so i still play cricket here in houston i'm part

[mark]: do you come

[deepak_shrivastava]: of

[mark]: from

[deepak_shrivastava]: the

[mark]: india

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes

[mark]: like who in india doesn't like cricket right

[deepak_shrivastava]: there are people

[mark]: it's like

[deepak_shrivastava]: some people

[mark]: australia new zealand india and england right i reckon a

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes

[mark]: the cricket lovers west indies west indies there and do it big time

[deepak_shrivastava]: you can

[mark]: you

[deepak_shrivastava]: see

[mark]: know

[deepak_shrivastava]: the clicker ball so that's what i do i play and if i'm not playing then i tried to watch some t i like those history oh history channel is where they talk about some what happened in the past so i like those kind of stuff i used to read when i was in college but i think i stopped reading i need to start again yeah

[mark]: how did you get into tech what was your like what was your journey up to this point like what are the big milestones that happened in your career

[deepak_shrivastava]: so i always liked innovation from my childhood that's what means i heard from my parents and my selling that i always want to try something so i will always into the novation adding some new things so that that get me into the technology from prome school and then i got into engineering i completed my enduring an electronic actually so for a change i am electrons engineer

[mark]: wow

[deepak_shrivastava]: and then it never just i never get on time to think about anything else so in my call i got the job and then continued yeah

[mark]: and how old did you first come or get involved with microsoph and in the power platform

[deepak_shrivastava]: so the microscopic story is pretty interesting so i am working since two thousand and four and i only work in microsptecnal disense so starting from talk at two windows and then moved to a little within short point and then now i'm working from so my my journey with microsop is my journey of my career so i been er talk to my client and i say i don't know that's the only thing i know because i'm only working microsop i know about other technology but my main work that i'm doing since when i start working is microsop yes that's that's what i was actually door when i started and then when i when i get more work than i start moving to the most sure points it's more like a very low cote shrine i still i still call the sharon was the first low cot where that microsoter is built they didn't come up with the term that time they should have

[mark]: so see so i see i go back one step further i say access data base and el was

[deepak_shrivastava]: yeah

[mark]: the first low code then

[deepak_shrivastava]: i can tell

[mark]: then

[deepak_shrivastava]: you

[mark]: it was share point and like sat sons now we're in loco thro

[deepak_shrivastava]: you bring the cell and i can tell you i want to meet the person who actually creator like cell it is the one of the best software that i well built and why i'm saying it because you can take an example from a housewife or someone who has no idea of technology using itself to someone that prohyprodevelopers are using cell nobody can build a softer that can be that can have that span of audience so yeah

[mark]: it's

[deepak_shrivastava]: right

[mark]: amazing

[deepak_shrivastava]: interesting very interesting

[mark]: interesting journey so tell us about what do you what's your what's your life like now like what type of what are the things that you're focusing on what interests you the most in the power platform dynamic echo system that's out there what's what's your focus

[deepak_shrivastava]: so right now from my so i have two different paths that going on right now one is my major that is more concentrating on microscope as a suite so i actually work across microscopes and not only just far platform but across zero and all of that so that's my job i'm trying to make my client that's what i do with clients recommending them a sting in the right technology to use for their work and from my MVP side because that's where i got into the park from all that's where i i worked with i created the videos and all of that that can for yes so for the power platform i yes i carry i have a youtubechannel that i started last year i created to videos on pa platform and trying to give as much as i can to the audience

[mark]: that's interesting so you tube i'm finding a lot of nvps now getting heavily into your tube how has that been for you what's that journey been like for you getting into your tube and what you kind of rhythm what's what have you learned along the way because i feel that the way somebody starts a you tube is kind of like you then start to pivot over time

[deepak_shrivastava]: so my map journey is also very interesting it actually started back in two thousand eight in two thousan eight i had one of my my colleagues tull he was one year senior than me and he he got an mvp became an mvp and i got interested to to an i mean i wanted to be an mvp i asked him that what you did what we need to do and he said that and that's back into so he said the best way to become an mvp start going into the line community and start helping people and that time i was working on donet so i started then because of work and maybe i don't have that much less than that time i drop it so that time everything is dropped and then i but that time i was back in india then i moved to us in twenty eleven nothing happened like what's going as usual then the second which's the second almost carted in twenty twenty so reza is my friend raise another mvp we were talking one day and he said that hey i'm gonna i'm going for an m p i said oh that's interesting go ahead and let me know how you get that completion so he went through the process and then he tells me that okay this is what i did you need to go to the community and then he introduced me to the part from coming ating all of that so that just started again and then i and luckily i got this time and i didn't i didn't lose the hope in between so i keep continuing and it was the easy but and then yeah here i am

[mark]: what has it been worth while get becoming an m v p

[deepak_shrivastava]: it is it is it is and it is actually when i think the first time and i think thought of becoming an m p and two wasn't add eight still that s true because i can see the difference is not only just that i get a tag on m p so i can i can tell people that i'm an m p but it actually create a trust also us i get a lot of personity and in some sort of responsibility of like for example i find an m p there is a reason that you become an m p out of there are so many people right so not only just that micro sort giving you track for me and m p is also become a responsibility from my side that okay i need to make sure that when people think that they are talking to an m p they get that result so i need to keep myself up to date to the technology i need to make sure that i have the right understanding of technology other way it's just attack me and that's not going to be helpful plus giving back to the community so if this is for actually any one if you are already doing something like that like if you are already articibating in the community if you're helping people in the in the technical term go ahead and get the tag also that will actually give you some motivation and give you an extra set of responsibility so you can be more focused that's what i think

[mark]: yeah it's good tell me a bit about you tubing what tools do you use to do like things like screen recording microphones cameras what are your tools of the trade

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes so i yeah so i'm using for the for the recording i'm using cam place here i have some audio recording to as well but i have never used them because it's too much work and then camera and microphone also used like like i use it oh microphone that i'm using right now and the log cameras that's my set up i have some other set up that i've tried to do like green screen never use it maybe i'll use some time so i'm still i still call myself as a as a starting in tube i'm still not pro so still i need to work on that

[mark]: it's good you've got to you know over three thousand people haven't you and you're following

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes i was

[mark]: it's good

[deepak_shrivastava]: three five hundred almost yet

[mark]: well done well done got a good following any advice to other people wanting to become an m v p

[deepak_shrivastava]: yes i always said this thing the first thing that you need to don't don't take this mvp as your edison the resume most of the people i would say most of but if you are just one to become an m v p because then you can have m b p tanging the resume that you can sell yourself yes you can do that but that's not really going to help you going forward so if you really want it there as a couple of things that make you m p number one thing you want to help others it doesn't need to be that you have to create a new tube channel or you need to start belonging it can be any sort of help you can help your colleagues your company right or you can help your friends if you have that passion to help others or share your knowledge that you're learning then you should be becoming becoming an second you want to learn new things because m p is micrsofis saying that these are the most valuable professional because they are up to date they know or tacalzy so you can go to them and ask they can tell you the right where where you should be if you want to keep yourself up to date again this is also not necessary for everyone some people are very happy i do their job what they know it's enough for them to continue working and grow that's fine but you don't need to become you don't need to become an m p if you want to be an m p they ne need to keep learning keep growing that's the journey is not the destination that i said the m p is you re starting a journey to continue with continued growth yeah that's what i said if you have those two things in your hand your head go ahead and go for it and you will get it's not that hard to get it's not hard to become an map it's much hard to maintain the right mentality to continue being an map

[mark]: so well said deepak thanks for coming on the show

[deepak_shrivastava]: ah thank you very much

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Deepak Shrivastava

Deepak Shrivastava is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, a technology enthusiast, a problem solver, and the Senior Manager at EY. He is helping global clients with Power Platform adoption and empowering them with Power Platform possibilities, capabilities, and easiness. In addition, he is the leader of the Houston Power Platform User Group and Power Automate community superuser. Deepak loves travelling, exploring new places, and meeting people from different cultures.