David Jennaway on The MVP Show

David Jennaway on The MVP Show

David Jennaway
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Background – being a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, living in York, UK, interests outside of work, home life 
  • How David started in Dynamics CRM – IT training on Microsoft technologies, etc. then moving to Dynamics CRM 
  • Running his old company, Excitation, and being purchased by Core Technology Systems 
  • Knowledge and experience with Dynamics CRM 1.0 
  • Running the sales side of his business 
  • How much the XRM story play into the projects that they’re doing early on in Excitation 
  • Experience being purchased by Core Technologies 
  • About David's blog and as a prolific blogger 
  • How the changes in Dynamics has affected what David does today 
  • Thoughts on the statement: “Anything you can build in Dynamics, I could build in SharePoint” 
  • How to have a conversation with SharePoint people to get to a decision around which technology to use 

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David Jennaway

David Jennaway has been an IT Professional working with Microsoft server and development technologies since 1994 and has been a twice chartered MCSD and also MCSE. He has been specialising in Dynamics CRM implementation projects since the release of CRM 1.2 in 2004. In addition to CRM implementation projects, he has also worked with Microsoft to develop training and exam materials to support Dynamics CRM's development.

David is Head CRM Architect for Core Technology Systems in the UK and has overall responsibility for the delivery of Dynamics CRM projects. This covers both the overall project approach and the technical delivery of the CRM project. He also leads the architect for integrating Dynamics CRM with other customer systems, such as public-facing websites, and back-office systems.