Dani Kahil on The MVP Show

Dani Kahil on The MVP Show

Dani Kahil
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Family background of Dani Kahil – born and grew up in Africa, now lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  
  • What Dani loves to do the most with his family.  
  • Talks about Dani’s career background.  
  • Dani shares his experience as a web developer.  
  • A conversation about Dani’s involvement with Dynamics 365  
  • Talks about Dani’s work experience and his role.  
  • Discussions about what Dahil enjoy the most in what he does.  
  • What excites Dani the most working in Dynamics. 
  • Life realizations of Dani Kahil 
  • Experience as a Coach, Trainer and Blogger  
  • A conversation about the type of resources Dani has and how he puts his training manuals/modules together.  
  • Dani’s thoughts on design thinking concepts/techniques.  
  • Talks about Dani Kahil’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP.  
  • Discussions about Dani’s involvement with the MVP community.  
  • Dani Kahil’s learning experience from Mark’s nz365guy mentoring challenge.


    Other Resources:

    Peer Group 2021 Expression of interest: https://training.danikahil.com/f/q1-2021-peer-group-interest 


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Dani Kahil

Dani Kahil’s mission is to help individuals achieve a shared understanding of requirements, leading to second to none Solution Envisioning when implementing solutions using the Power Platform or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In Dani’s experience, having a shared understanding of requirements will have a significant cost and efficiency benefit and will help you avoid miscommunication, stress and rework down the track of your project.