Damien Bird on The MVP Show

Damien Bird on The MVP Show

Damien Bird
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Damien Bird’s life – family, work and interests. 
  • Find out about Damien’s journey for the last eighteen months 
  • Talks about the work Damien has been doing and how things started – MVP community, forum, blogging and YouTubing. 
  • What's Damien’s number one tool that he uses in his job these days 
  • Damien’s thoughts about the best engagement when it comes to Microsoft forums – Twitter, YouTube or Blogging? 
  • Talks about Damien’s career background – from working for a council or local government to where he is right now. 
  • Learning experiences in using new technologies and other tools 
  • Damien’s advice to people considering becoming a Microsoft MVP that is right for them their career 


Microsoft MVP YouTube Series - How to Become a Microsoft MVP
90 Day Mentoring Challenge - https://ako.nz365guy.com/ 

AgileXRm - The integrated BPM for Microsoft Power Platform

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Damien Bird

Damien Bird is a Business Applications MVP with a special interest in Power Automate. He is a Super User on the Microsoft Support Forum. He loves solving, building, demoing, and learning and especially enjoys a challenge. In April 2020 he survived a cardiac arrest and is fitted with an ICD after being diagnosed with ARVC.