Creating a Partnership and Running a Global Business with Anil Shah and Arthur Fromm

Creating a Partnership and Running a Global Business with Anil Shah and Arthur Fromm

Anil Shah and Arthur Fromm


  • Building applications and getting them on AppSource, company background 
  • How CloudFronts pick up new business and clientele 
  • Staffing and resources of CloudFronts global offices 
  • Handling a marketing story and ensuring the company consistently picks up their next engagement/projects 
  • What inbound marketing looks for CloudFronts 
  • Handling customers who need consultants to work on-site 
  • Importance of Microsoft events and key events that CloudFronts make sure to attend 
  • Challenges CloudFronts faced as an ISV as well as how Microsoft engages with ISVs and managing their relationship with Microsoft 
  • CloudFronts’ experience with AppSource and their journey since AppSource came to market 
  • Creating an ISV solution for other companies 
  • How Art and Anil came to work together 
  • Working with Anil and how they’ve built the synergies to come to market with a product 
  • Sales Opportunities Snapshot (SOS) – what it is, its methodology, history 
  • Why extend Dynamics 365 with SOS rather than go into Sales or any other apps  
  • How AppSource affected customer interest 
  • How to get the SOS training – the soft-skill parts of using the app, rather than just how to technically use the app 
  • Neil Benson and Scrum for Dynamics – Check out this past Episode: Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodologies with Neil Benson

Books Mentioned

The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day


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Anil ShahProfile Photo

Anil Shah

Anil Shah’s passion is enabling businesses to successfully deploy their business processes on the Microsoft platform. He has spent most of his career working on Microsoft business technologies and helping customers get the most out of their investments. As the Managing Partner at CloudFronts, his goal is to make CloudFronts a well-recognized brand around the globe that is built on customer success.

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Arthur Fromm

Art Fromm is the President and Founder at Technical Sales Development, Inc. He has worked under various roles including technical manager, pre-sales engineer, and Director, among others.