Colin Vermander on The MVP Show

Colin Vermander on The MVP Show

Colin Vermander
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • An introduction to where Colin lives, work and how he spends his free time
  • Colin’s origin story  
  • Discussion about Colin’s Educational and Career background  
  • Find out about ADOXIO Company   
  • The type of industry where ADOXIO get most of their work from  
  • Talks about KPMG in Canada, as a Microsoft Partner  
  • Why Unicorn is featuring in Colin’s life so much and how it started?  
  • Does KPMG Canada integrate all work a lot with the other KPMG’s around the world?  
  • Colin’s thoughts on becoming a Microsoft MVP   
  • What Colin thinks about what activities he will be doing regarding being a Microsoft MVP in the year 2020?   
  • Colin’s involvement with ALM  
  • Describes the most significant accomplishment Colin is most proud of 

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Colin Vermander

Colin Vermander is the Director of Software Engineering at KPMG Canada and responsible for technical oversight across all of KPMG Canada's Microsoft Practice products and services solutions. KPMG Canada, a Microsoft Partner, is recognized globally as an innovative Dynamics 365 solution provider with a rich background in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Portals.

With over 15 years of technical experience, from infrastructure to development, Colin brings the knowledge and depth that has helped a wide array of clients build custom solutions that exceed expectations. He enjoys contributing all that he learned to the community that has served him so well by sharing his challenges, solutions and fun discoveries.