Christopher Cognetta on The MVP Show

Christopher Cognetta on The MVP Show

Christopher Cognetta
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Discusses the company he works for and what project he's working on at present  
  • Christopher's journey to becoming an MVP eight years ago    
  • Points out reasons why people decide to look for another company or job  
  • The best job he's ever had in his life  
  • Shares his thoughts about creating a culture in business and working environment  
  • The biggest benefits he has received being an MVP   
  • Advice to people who want to be an MVP   
  • Discussions the things he has learnt when he started blogging  
  • What goal a candidate should have when considering becoming an MVP  
  • Why he's worried about the next generation  
  • How can you tell when you feel it's not a job anymore
  • Talks about his dream job if money didn't matter  
  • Enumerated the five elements the management/leadership has done creating an amazing environment  
  • Importance of the word “LISTENING” in business and a working environment  
  • How to encourage people and be involved in taking training to get the certification they need to help them grow, the company and the environment   

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Christopher Cognetta

Christopher Cognetta is the Director, Microsoft Platforms for Campus Management. Based in Tampa, Florida, originally from New York, and grew up in South Florida. He is also the Vice President of Tampa Community, formerly known as Tampadev.

Cognetta is an eight-time Microsoft Business Solutions 365 MVP, has an infrastructure, cloud & application architecture background and has been implementing global Dynamics CRM/D365 implementations since its inception.

In addition to that, Christopher is an active community member, Azure & CRMUG Medic Founder and sits on the D365/CRMUG Programming Board. He is a frequent speaker and organizer at various D365/CRM/Azure events and User Group conferences.