Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui on The MVP Show

Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui on The MVP Show

Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A brief introduction about Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui - the only MVP in Ecuador. 
  • Talks about Christian’s interest in Robotic Process Automation. 
  • A conversation about Christians RPA journey. 
  • Discussions about Christian's Power Platform learning experiences 
  • Christian’s experience as a Cloud Solution Architect at Cloud 360 
  • Talks about Christian’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP – who nominated Christian 
  • How Christian got his first MVP nomination and the process involved. 
  • Things Christian shared in the community forum. 
  • Christian thoughts about working full time remotely  
  • Christian’s engagement with Clients 

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Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui

Christian Paul Abata Quinchuqui is a Solution Architect at Experience Digital. The leader in digital transformation projects and adoption with Office 365 tools, an open-source developer with more than 8 years of experience, handles mainly innovation projects involving Artificial Intelligence, IoT and BI.

Christian masters the entire office 365 suite, which allows him to involve each area with the service that provides the most added value in their day-to-day, thus aligning the business culture with the company's strategic objectives. Among the programming languages that he uses the most are Node js, Angular, PHP and C #.