Carmen Ysewijn on The MVP Show

Carmen Ysewijn on The MVP Show

Carmen Ysewijn
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Carmen Ysewijn’s hobbies, interests and activities  
  • When it comes to technology, where does Carmen spend most of her time working with? 
  • Carmen’s Power Platform and Power Automate background 
  • Projects and building applications Carmen is working on 
  • A conversation about PCF components - what problems did it solve and what they are trying to achieve 
  • Carmen’s story about her journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Speaking events, projects, blogging and Carmen’s involvement in the community 
  • What is ProvisionGenie all about - what does it do and how does it work? 
  • Why should I use ProvisionGenie? 
  • The best thing about becoming a Microsoft MVP. 

Microsoft MVP YouTube Series - How to Become a Microsoft MVP
90-Day Mentoring Challenge -
ProvisionGenie (open-source project I'm doing together with Luise Freese): 
Carmen Ysewijn GitHub: 

AgileXRm - The integrated BPM for Microsoft Power Platform

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Carmen Ysewijn

Carmen Ysewijn is a Business Applications MVP and Power Platform Architect at Qubix (Belgium) with a passion to find the right solution for any challenge that arises. With this solution-oriented approach, she helps customers improve their business processes. She loves to share the knowledge she gains along the way on her blog or speaking at conferences.