Bruce Sithole on The MVP Show

Bruce Sithole on The MVP Show

Bruce Sithole
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Country of Origin, career and educational background of Bruce Sithole 
  • Bruce’s journey to Business Applications  
  • Key learning from working with a partner and directly with a customer 
  • Bruce’s role for attracting customers and working with a partner  
  • The attraction to working for a customer 
  • A discussion about what Bruce did differently from running his own partner business 
  • Running his own organization, what Bruce discovered that works well in business 
  • Bruce’s learning experiences in running a partner business 
  • As an owner of a business, how Bruce manages his relationship with Microsoft and other Microsoft Partners 
  • Talks about Bruce’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – who nominated him 
  • The impact of being a Microsoft MVP on Bruce’s career 

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Bruce SitholeProfile Photo

Bruce Sithole

Bruce Sithole is a passionate and enthusiastic Microsoft business applications professional. He has been involved in numerous projects, both big and small – in multiple roles. Has a strong focus on delivering Microsoft solutions and recommendations that provide measurable business value. In addition to that, Bruce started his own Power Platform consultancy practice to put all these learnings into action.