Benedikt Bergmann on The MVP Show

Benedikt Bergmann on The MVP Show

Benedikt Bergmann
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • An introduction to Benedikt Bergmann's background – life, family and interests. 
  • Being a CRM Consultant 
  • Moving from Germany to Sweden. 
  • How Benedikt's career started – IT journey. 
  • Benedikt’s Dynamics and Power Platform background. 
  • What brought Benedikt to the Power Platform. 
  • Find out what Apps or Automation did Benedikt created? 
  • Calendar syncing 
  • With the ecosystem constantly changing, how does Benedikt keep his skills up to date now that he is working full time building on Power Platform? 
  • Learn about Benedikt’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP. 
  • Benedikt’s recommendation to become a Microsoft MVP. 

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Benedikt Bergmann

Benedikt Bergmann's first contact with Dynamics was in 2014. Since he moved to Sweden, he has exclusively worked with Dynamics and the Power Platform. He comes from a developer background and does a lot of Solution Architect work currently. His passion is to automate stuff as well as create templates to make the life of others easier. In January 2021, he received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in Business Applications.