Aurelien Clere on The MVP Show

Aurelien Clere on The MVP Show

Aurelien Clere
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Aurelien Clere talks about his family life  
  • Talks about Aurelien’s hobbies  
  • Aurelien shares how he spends his time with his family 
  • The impact of COVID19 on Aurelien’s day to day life and work 
  • A conversation on how Aurelien started his career 
  • Learn more about how Aurelien started working with Microsoft products 
  • Discusses Aurelien’s experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer 
  • Aurelien’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Find out who inspires Aurelien to become an MVP 
  • Talks about Aurelien’s first 365Saturday event and community summit 
  • Changes in Aurelien’s life since becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • A discussion about the Power Platform French Summit 
  • The new things and skills Aurelien are learning now  

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Aurelien Clere

Aurelien Clere is a Solutions Architect and 1st time MVP. His experience in Microsoft Business Applications for ten years gives him the idea to help his colleagues and the community to go further, teach and share all his knowledge. He always learned a lot from Microsoft MVP and knew how important it is to help each other.

Aurelien's focus:
– Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
– Dynamics 365 AI: Customer Insights with Azure Machine Learning, Finance Insights
– Power Platform (BI, Apps & Automate)
– Azure DataLake with Dynamics 365
– Focusing on Data insights / ML Insights / Predictions / AI Builder in Dynamics365 projects with Azure components + Azure AI Services