Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan on The MVP Show

Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan on The MVP Show

Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Talks about Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan's family life, favourite food and what he does when not working. 
  • Arun shares his thoughts about life in New York 
  • Learn Arun’s journey into IT and career background 
  • Moving from India to New York 
  • Discussion about Arun’s journey into becoming a Microsoft MVP – who nominated him  
  • How did Arun get into the MVP program? 
  • The impact of becoming a Microsoft MVP on Arun’s career 
  • A conversation about Arun’s future plans 
  • Talks about the culture and educational system in India. 
  • Looking at CEOs coming from India, what did India get right to create all these CEOs 
  • A discussion about Arun’s views on the second or next generations  

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Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan

Arun Vinoth Thiyagarajan has16+ years of experience as an IT Professional and a budding Entrepreneur in the New York City area helping Enterprise clients in their digital transformation journey. He started his career as a .Net Developer and MSCRM 4.0 customizer, and now being a Solution Architect - Microsoft & Dynamics always stays close to Arun’s heart.