Andrey Baludin on The MVP Show

Andrey Baludin on The MVP Show

Andrey Baludin
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • Andrey Baludin on The MVP show talks about his career background 
  • Everything about Petersburg – the best place to visit and good food to eat 
  • Talks about Andrey’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP – he became a Microsoft MVP a year ago 
  • Andrey’s specialization in the Microsoft Business Applications category and Dynamics 365 Business Central  
  • A conversation about Andrey’s involvement with NAV integration and other systems 
  • The articles Andrey wrote for Dynamics 365 to help the community 
  • Shares the best thing about being an MVP  
  • Talks about the benefits people can get when they become a Microsoft MVP 
  • Andrey’s various projects in GitHub  
  • The advantages and benefits of using GitHub 
  • Andrey’s advice and recommendation to people especially in Russia if they are considering becoming a Microsoft MVP  
  • Andrey's opinion on how people can be nominated to become an MVP 

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Andrey Baludin

Andrey Baludin graduated from Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University in 2007. He has been working with NAV since 2008 from 5.0 to Business Central. He started his career as a key user on the customer’s side, and in a year, he became a support engineer and, in another year – a developer. In 2015, he changed the side and now working for a partner. Andrey is a real fan of Business Central and Azure. His specialization is integrating NAV/BC with everything.