Andrew Butenko on The MVP Show

Andrew Butenko on The MVP Show

Andrew Butenko
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A Brief Introduction about Andrew Butenko’s origin story 
  • What made Andrew move to the US and what he misses from home 
  • A conversation about Andrew’s educational
  • Talks about Andrew's career background 
  • Talks about the software development industry in Ukraine 
  • A discussion about Andrew’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Who nominated Andrew to become an MVP? 
  • How did Andrew learn about the MVP Program? 
  • A discussion about the best learning tools to become a successful MVP 
  • Andrew’s impression about his first MVP Summit 
  • Being an MVP for 10 years
  • Andrew's advice or recommendation to people who are wanting to become an MVP 
  • Discusses Andrew’s involvement with PCF 
  • Andrew's advice to people exploring PCF 


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Andrew Butenko

Andrew Butenko is a Development Architect and expert in the area of development for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365. He graduated from the National Technical University “KPI” Faculty of Computer Science in 2006. In 2008, Andrew started working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, just after version 4.0 came out. While with Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365, he worked as a Developer, Team Leader, and Architect. And in 2010, Microsoft awarded him as Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
Back then, not many educational materials were available, so he had to learn the software independently. Andrew believes that new developers can improve their skills much faster after taking classes with mentors with real-world, hands-on experience in the software. Unfortunately, no classes or mentors were available in Ukraine in 2008, so he learned Dynamics CRM by implementing it using the trial and error method.