Andrew Butenko on The MVP Show

Andrew Butenko on The MVP Show

Andrew Butenko
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


  • A Brief Introduction about Andrew Butenko’s origin story 
  • What made Andrew move to the US and what he misses from home 
  • A conversation about Andrew’s educational
  • Talks about Andrew's career background 
  • Talks about the software development industry in Ukraine 
  • A discussion about Andrew’s journey to becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Who nominated Andrew to become an MVP? 
  • How did Andrew learn about the MVP Program? 
  • A discussion about the best learning tools to become a successful MVP 
  • Andrew’s impression about his first MVP Summit 
  • Being an MVP for 10 years
  • Andrew's advice or recommendation to people who are wanting to become an MVP 
  • Discusses Andrew’s involvement with PCF 
  • Andrew's advice to people exploring PCF 


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Andrew Butenko

Andrew (Andrii) Butenko, Technical Architect/Team Lead, Hitachi Solutions America, Business Applications Microsoft MVP since 2010. Kyiv, Ukraine, born and raised, for last 5 years lives and works in Greenville, SC, USA.