Alex Meyer on The MVP Show

Alex Meyer on The MVP Show

Alex Meyer
Microsoft Business Applications MVP


P Show notes

  • Career Background of Alex Meyer 
  • Talks about Alex’s impression of MVP who became a Microsoft MVP last November 2019 
  • What is MVP, and was it an inspiration for Alex? 
  • The type of industries using older technologies 
  • Talks about Alex’s journey to becoming an MV and his thoughts on becoming a Microsoft MVP 
  • Alex’s opinion on how to start using Power Platform, PowerApps and Power Automate with Dynamics 365 in Finance and Supply Chain 
  • Alex’s recommendation to people who are just starting with AX or Dynamics 365 finance and supply chain 
  • A discussion with Alex on how people can start their journey on using these technologies together  
  • Talks about Alex’s GitHub site 
  • As the author of the book what are his contributions 
  • Alex’s experience in writing a book 
  • Recommendation and advice to people wanting to write a book  
  • Speaking engagement of Alex for year2020 

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Security and Audit Field Manual for D365FO

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Alex Meyer

Alex Meyer graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. His focus area in his degree is networking and security. He is a current Microsoft MVP in Business Applications. Currently, Alex works as the Director of Dynamics AX/365 Finance and Operations Development at Fastpath Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States. He presents sessions and webinars as a subject matter expert surrounding Dynamics AX/365FO security and native controls for both applications. Alex thoroughly enjoys all kinds of software development and is always looking to learn new languages and design methodologies to improve his skill set.